Ezio Fontatna - Make up
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Кур�?ы и тренинг

Those who wish to learn the profession of make-up artist can attend a specific course with Ezio Fontana.
The courses are organised in conjunction with the Martin Arte studio in C.so Siracusa 24/a, Turin, tel. +39011-352427 - cell. +39335360545, email: paolabarbarossa@libero.it.

Programme for the APPROACHING MAKE UP course

corsi di make upLight and shade
Colours and chromatic choices
Facial corrections and correction of the particular features of certain faces
Skin imperfections: how to intervene

Application and choice of the base

Make up for eyes, lashes and the outline
Corrections to eyes and the outline

applicazione rossettoEyebrows:
correction and construction

Lining and choosing the right colour
How to correct imperfections

Natural make up
Sophisticated make up
Make up for special occasions and for brides
corso di avvicinamento al truccoMake up per le grandi occasioni e per la sposa

Tricks for making up mature skins




applicazione ciglia finte

Programme for the ADVANCED HEAD course

Application of false eyelashes

Glitter and sequins

Make up and fashion

Make up through the ages

From 1020 to the present day

Make up and photography

The make up artist back stage

Products and techniques

Working live

Photography workshop